Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving On

Fr. Corapi makes a video statement. It is unclear what has been going on. All the free advice from all the folks who are clueless about what is going on and are making gratuitous guesses are not helping the situation.

What it comes down to is charges by an unnamed person or persons against Corapi. The charges themselves are unclear and mostly seem rather doubtful. Corapi has denied any impropriety but he's not been too clear about what he is denying. So there is a huge amount of uncertainty and vagueness. Unless you know more not only about the charges but about the relative integrity of the players, it just isn't clear who's at fault and why. I'm decidedly on the fence but I think people who are giving Corapi the benefit of their free advice are mostly not helpful. The analogies they are making are suspect and the judgments they are making are uninformed. Under those circumstances they are more part of the problem than part of the solution.

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