Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Culture Destroying Itself

I like Michael Voris. He calls'em like he sees'em and you can't ask much more of a man than that except perhaps to make sure that before he calls'em he's got his head screwed on straight and Michael Voris seems to me to make that hurdle. If you're not a Catholic you'll take some exception with some aspects of his observations, but it's hard not to see the dissolution that is inherent in the moral decadence and increasing degradation of our society today. It's tragic particularly that so many seem quite happy to sail on ... apparently oblivious to the signs of the times. Perhaps the Jews did the same as the hour of their destruction approached.

I couldn't help thinking as he cited the words of Jesus lamenting over Jerusalem Luke 19:41-44 that our modern biblical scholars would merely interpret this as a sign that the gospel of Luke was written after 70 A.D. but the warning is for all time not just to those who live in the district of Jerusalem.

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Jim Howard said...

I am a Catholic and non of what Michael Voris says is true Catholic faith.
I am not sure if he makes the stuff up to make money or if there is some deeper hidden goal.
But something is very wrong with the whole "Real Catholic TV."