Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is an account of the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Egypt over the course of 4 years. It was investigated by John Jackson, a prominent researcher on the Shroud of Turin which I also investigate, although from a different perspective.

What is it? Like Fatima this was an apparition seen by thousands. I have not studied it much. The pictures almost look like a shaped plasma, ball lightening in the shape of the traditional images of the Virgin Mary. There is a web site HERE I've not studied it so I don't know how objective the material is, but this truly is an amazing apparition recorded by many both visually and with cameras.

Charity Is Not Always Being Nice

The difference between Charity and being "nice." The truth needs to be proclaimed and defended for its own sake. "Give up your filthy lifestyle Michael before you die and go to hell," said his mom. That's real Charity!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shroud Short and the Shroud Scope

Mario Latendresse has developed a new visualization of the shroud called Shroud Scope which can be seen at his web site HERE The images he has are the most detailed available on the internet. The video above is one he took of a short introductory video shown to pilgrims who had come to Turin to see the Shroud Exposition. He took it in May 2010. While we're on the shroud, HERE is an audio of Dr. Alan Adler discussing his work which confirmed that the blood markings on the shroud are really blood.

A Culture Destroying Itself

I like Michael Voris. He calls'em like he sees'em and you can't ask much more of a man than that except perhaps to make sure that before he calls'em he's got his head screwed on straight and Michael Voris seems to me to make that hurdle. If you're not a Catholic you'll take some exception with some aspects of his observations, but it's hard not to see the dissolution that is inherent in the moral decadence and increasing degradation of our society today. It's tragic particularly that so many seem quite happy to sail on ... apparently oblivious to the signs of the times. Perhaps the Jews did the same as the hour of their destruction approached.

I couldn't help thinking as he cited the words of Jesus lamenting over Jerusalem Luke 19:41-44 that our modern biblical scholars would merely interpret this as a sign that the gospel of Luke was written after 70 A.D. but the warning is for all time not just to those who live in the district of Jerusalem.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Novus Ordo ... CIA Investigates

SEE HERE Michael Voris, who has developed his own ministry at here presents his second CIA (Catholic Investigative Report) exploring the development of the Novus Ordo litergy and its impact on the Catholic Church. If you're not a Catholic this might not hold much interest for you. If you are a Catholic it will likely contain many surprises. The impact of this huge change on the clergy and nuns is simply amazing. It was like a bomb going off in the church blowing away vocations. CLICK HERE for Part 2.